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Look again.

Innovation comes from having a unique perspective.

Dasbe is an action-focused innovation and strategy consulting firm.

Dasbe Innovation helps you to build and maintain innovation for your organization by looking both more deeply and more broadly at customers, users, and context.

A change in perspective can open your eyes to new opportunities and new ways of doing business.

Consulting Services
Journey map
Understand & Inspire

Develop a deep understanding of customer and user needs, as well as the broader context, to inform and inspire new offerings or to re-invigorate existing offerings.

•  User research

•  Market research

•  Value chain analysis

•  Analogies & adjacencies

Ideatin workshop
Create & Leverage

Use a variety of proven idea generation techniques that lead to actionable and innovative ideas. Identify key questions and create exploration plans to deliver quick, low-cost answers.

•  Idea generation

•  Pipeline prioritization

•  Exploration plans

•  Mockups & prototypes

Training & Culture

Understand and build on current culture, approaches, and goals to integrate new capabilities and mindsets that lead to innovation. Train leaders, champions, and workers in innovation processes.

•  Innovation assessment

•  Design thinking training

•  Innovation model definition

•  Implementation support

Point of View Inspiration Cards

Dasbe Innovation helps teams to look at challenges from new perspectives and spark new thinking.


We use a variety of structured techniques for ideation, including different types of inspiration cards to create new connections and stretch everyone's thinking in new directions.

About Dasbe Innovation

Dasbe team members have been helping clients to drive growth through strategic innovation for the past 25 years.


We have worked across industries, including healthcare, energy, resources, consumer goods, and financial services. We have also worked across a variety of corporations, including start-ups, nonprofits, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies.


This range of experience gives us broad perspective, enabling us to look at your challenge from multiple points of view.

Stacy Benjamin - Founder, Managing Partner

Stacy Benjamin is an expert in combining design thinking methodology with business strategy to drive innovation. She goes beyond just building empathy with the user, and looks at the full business context. Her super power is turning these rich insights into a pipeline of innovative ideas.


Stacy is also the Director of the Segal Design Certificate program at Northwestern University and the lead instructor of the Interdisciplinary Design Projects sequence, where students work on real projects with real clients in a studio atmosphere similar to a small design firm.


Stacy got her start at IDEO, and has also partnered with multiple consulting firms including Panorama, Clareo, Insitum, Doblin, and others, to deliver step change for clients across a wide range of industries.

Contact Dasbe

Dasbe Innovation

Evanston, IL


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