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Point of View Inspiration Cards

Thinking of new ideas is hard.


Sometimes, you just need to change how you view the situation. Taking a new look at the challenge from the perspective of different user types, in different contexts, or from the mindset of other successful people, can be just the spark you need!


Use the images and corresponding prompts in these decks on your own or with a group to inspire new ways of looking at both the challenge and possible solutions.


Need more help?  Dasbe can facilitate an ideation session using these cards and other techniques. We can also make custom decks targeting your specific challenge.

Screenshot 2022-10-23 at 17-09-35 Not all great ideas have to come from the shower.png

Read the Medium article for tips on inspiring creativity!


Users, environments, and scenarios

Change Makers

Organizations who changed expectations


Interesting and unusual situations and approaches

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